VEGAN Egg Free Pancakes

Mrs O’s  Delicious Gluten Free  & Egg Free Vegan Pancakes!

 Why not try our recipe for Mrs O’s  Delicious Gluten Free  & Egg Free Vegan Pancakes – Olivia’s Suggestion!

“This is the recipe for making the VEGAN pancakes using Mrs O’s Fuss Free Cake Mixes (Gluten Free). You can buy them from Holland & Barrett, or from  The steps below work for both the Mrs O’s Gluten Free &  Egg Free Yummy Vanilla Cake and Mrs O’s Gluten Free & Egg Free Gorgeous Brownies Mix.


For 1 Person Serving:

1/2 mug of cake mix;

1/4 mug of (dairy free, optional) milk;

1/8 teaspoon of (gluten free, optional) baking powder.


For more than one person – double the ingredient values above.



– Mixing bowl

– Mixing spoon

– Measuring spoon(s)

– Sieve

– A mug

– Pan

– Frying Spatula (something to turn the pancakes)


1) Balance your sieve on your mixing bowl.

2) Pour your mug containing the Mrs O Fuss Free Cake Mix into the sieve.

3) Add the respective quantity of baking powder to the dry cake mixture, currently in the sieve.

4) Shake the cake mixture and the baking powder together in the sieve until it empties into the mixing bowl. If sugar granules towards the end do not sieve through, just pour into the mixing bowl.

5) With your mixing spoon, make a well in the sieved dry mixture that is in the mixing bowl.

*Add extra ingredients like lemon zest etc. at this stage.

6) Add half the quantity of milk to the dry mixture and combine with mixing spoon until milk is fully absorbed. Mixture looks thick.

7) Add remaining milk into the combined mixture until the mixture is easy to fold and looks like medium-thick pancake batter. Leave to side for pancake mixture to airate/form bubbles due to baking powder (chemical reaction)!

8) Turn on oven stove to medium heat and warm cooking oil of your choice in the pan. Meanwhile, the pancake mixture should be forming more bubbles in the bowl.

9) Making pancakes! Flip pancakes over when dimples/holes form around the edge of the pancake in the pan and edges thicken.

* Compliment pancakes with maple syrup, fruit or anything else you like!”