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About Mrs O's Fuss Free Cake Mixes

Hi and welcome to Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes online store.
We are a small company who believe by using real quality ingredients you will always make delicious homemade cakes and biscuits. All our Baking Mixes are all Egg Free, and made using the very best all natural and Organic high-end ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners or Egg Replacers. We also have a selection of Gluten Free mixes too, and best of all…
Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes are all Egg Free!
No Dairy, No Eggs, No Nuts, No Fuss!
No Fuss!!
Whenever you bake with Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes, you will never need to use eggs or egg replacers, and that means no more worrying about dietary needs. If you enjoy baking with your children, baking for social events, or baking with friends, but do not wish to worry about egg, dairy, nut or gluten allergies, we have taken the fuss out of baking! You can be sure that no one will be left out and everyone will enjoy your baked treats.
Just imagine that you need to bake in a hurry, and have no time to shop for all the different ingredients. Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes are so convenient! We have specially blended each mix and weighed all the ingredients. All you need to do is simply pour, mix in a few wet ingredients and just bake!
Our range of Fuss Free Mixes are all Free From, are prepared in a friendly nut-free environment and are suitable for all, including Vegans, Vegetarians and anyone with egg, dairy, nut and gluten allergies.

Did someone mention Cake?!!

Good News! Do you want to bake the best Gluten Free Brownies you have ever eaten? Now you can!! Mrs O’s Fuss Free mixes are now available to buy online from Holland & Barrett. Just type Mrs O’s in their search bar.

Hello and welcome to our store!

  In our store, we sell a selection of dairy free, eggless cake mixes which are suitable for everyone including Vegans, Vegetarians, and anyone who excludes dairy milk, eggs or nuts from their diet. There is a real shortage of dairy free or eggless cake mixes in most food stores and it is about time […]

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Welcome to egg free baking!

If you think that you cannot bake a cake  without using eggs, then think again – because you can! I have been doing just that for years. I would love to see the end results of your egg free baking and if you send in a little writeup about which of Mrs O’s Fuss Free […]